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Daniel Salka

Piano & Keyboards


Daniel Salka is an active pianist/keyboardist in Seattle’s exciting music scene. Born and raised in Seattle, Daniel began studying jazz while attending Roosevelt High School and has recently graduated from the University of Washington’s jazz program. As both a bandleader and sideman, Daniel maintains a busy schedule of both recording and performing with groups whose styles range from jazz, fusion, R&B, hip-hop and rock. Daniel has been teaching students of all ages and skill levels for the past several years. As a teacher, Daniel is recognized for his patience and strong ability to tailor lesson curricula to a wide variety of goals on the instrument.

About the Studio

My teaching style values the many varieties of learning styles of each budding pianist I have the pleasure of working with. While I encourage students to expand their horizons and explore diverse music styles, lessons primarily focus on setting realistic goals and understanding how to achieve them. I work hard to help students to develop a unique practice routine that allows for focused, relaxed and efficient practice. I ensure all my students leave each lesson with every bit of confidence that they have the tools and understanding to take each piece (or concept) to the next level through practice. It is important to me that music is fun and relaxing, and my lessons reflect that.

Lessons will be sure to include exercises for technique, reading and rhythmic accuracy. I am thrilled to teach jazz, pop and classical piano repertoire as well as music theory, composition, ear-training, sound design, recording and arranging.